Collected Works

by Nicholas Byrne

on/by accident

By Chad Rhym


by Unyque N. Ether

Prepare for the war post birth
prepare for the day uncle Dalbert lays in the back of a hearse
prepare for the worst
prepare for the worst
prepare for the worst
             for the worst will be fate
prepare for betrayal by those who you trust
prepare to be used and abused by those who you love
prepare to unpack a heavy heart
over and over and over again
prepare to cry many moons 
prepare to burry many suns
prepare your eyes to see the day those who you love die
prepare for a world that you didn't prepare  
prepare young child,

Collected Works

by Daniel Izquierdo

Collected Works

by Jarvis Mays

a night of you

By Myles Smith

we shared wine and conversation
over candlelight at dusk.
lashes fluttering as you spoke,
your eyes kept kissing me
as you glanced across the table.

autumn's sepia tones fancied your figure;
you were dressed in September
—I love the fall.
we sipped our spirits feverishly
as fervor flowered between us.
dopamine levels began to rise, so
I stomached butterflies, as
I sat and enjoyed
a night of you

Collected Works

by Will Howell

The Sweetest Thing

And it was sweet
The fullness there
Ever changing sweetness
The one you run around the block for
Or the one you sneak at night
Under the canopy of blackness
Sure enough to never make a sound
But you hold it tight
The sweetness that beckons favors
The secret sweet that glistens gold
Only long enough to be lusted after
The sweetest thing you’ve ever known.
But now that sweet thing is gone
If only it lasted longer than a five minute song.


— The Shadow Man
only seen in the light.